Past Meetups

Investing in our Market today and how to Crush it in 2019!


Are you prepared to invest in 2019? Join us for a Panel of Experts where Lloyd Ball, Enrique Jevons, Gerald Hennessey, and Adrian Chu all drop HUGE Knowledge about the market in 2019! Are you worried about the Seattle/PNW Market? Do you have a plan of attack for this coming year? How are other investors adjusting their investment strategies, if at all, in this changing market? FIND OUT HERE!

Bellevue College – Bellevue, WA

Financial Strategies for Success, Clint Coons and Shahar Plinner


INCREDIBLE CONTENT HERE! This is your chance to hear from two of the top leading experts on Asset Protection/Entity Creation/Tax Planning! Clint Coons, Managing Partner of Anderson Advisors ( and Shahar Plinner, CEO of GPL Accounting ( are not only GURU's in Tax and Entity structures, they are actually MY PERSONAL Attorney and CPA (Tarl Yarber). These are the people I trust most with my personal and company assets. Have you ever heard the adage "Its not how much you make, its how much you keep that matters...", don't learn this lesson the hard way.

Bellevue College – Bellevue, WA

Running a Real Estate BUSINESS, not a Hobby with Bentley Pugh, Enrique Jevons, and Ian Morell


Do you run a business in real estate or is it just a hobby? Do you want to take your business to the next level and run a company? How do you scale from one deal to fifty? How do you go from solo-preneur to entrepreneur? What pitfalls are there to growing a company and how do you overcome them? From scaling your business, to hiring staff, running financials, systems, leadership/management, and much more, we will dive deep during this event.

Bellevue College – Bellevue, WA

Deal Show and Tell… The Best & Worst Deals Done


Here at F.O.R.E. we only bring you real investors who know how to crush it in real estate. And sometimes, even they get crushed by real estate! We dive deep into some of the best deals and the WORST deals some of our members (and ourselves) have done this year so far. We believe in learning and owning all of your mistakes and we also prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes. We show how we lost over $65,000.00 on a deal that took us 20 months to get off our books. Do you think you might learn a thing or two from our loss? You are going to wanted hear all about this one...

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

Dealing with Contractors with Will Heaton, Christine Kwon, and Steve Hickey


Do you invest in single-family homes or multi-family? Are you looking for the best contractor to work with? How do you handle budgets and schedules during our market today? Negotiations, contracts, budgets, schedules, you name it, we deal with it this meetup! This panel is some of the best in our local industry when it comes to dealing with contractors in the single and multi-family investment world. In our PNW market, material pricing has increased significantly, everyone you meet is a contractor, finding investor-friendly GC's are a challenge for us all! How do you navigate and build a successful investment business when you can't get the project done on time and on budget? We dive deep with this panel of experts. We throw scenarios at them left and right, open up for QA to answer the audience’s challenges, break down how they do what they do, and so much more.

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA