Past Meetups

Raising Private Capital, Syndications, and the Market with Kathy Fettke


This event featured the one and only Kathy Fettke from the Real Wealth Network! Do you need to raise capital for your next deal? Do you syndicate or do you have a need to raise money for your deals? Do you know where the best markets are to invest in right now? What is the state of our current market in Seattle and the surrounding area? Kathy Fettke with the Real Wealth Network ( has helped people raise over $573,000,000 in funds for single-family homes, development, commercial, and multi-family. Whether you are a seasoned expert, or a novice, Kathy will blow your mind!

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

Highest Profit Off-Market Deals Direct to Seller with Tucker Merrihew


How do you find the best high profit deals off-market? Deals are becoming harder to find every day, maximize your returns and go where others are not looking! This meetup, we dive deep into off-market marketing and how to maximize profits with the master of direct marketing, high value-add single-family fix & flip PLUS serial spec builder in one of the hottest markets in the PNW, Tucker Merrihew! Tucker is the creator of the Driving for Dollars app, the Deal Finder’s Academy, host of the Real Dealz Podcast, and a prolific spec builder/flipper/developer in Portland, OR. This guy is the real deal!

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

BRRRR Investing! Best Tactics for Massive Cash Flow with Enrique Jevons


Have you flipped houses or buy rentals? Are you wholesaling deals? Do you want to build more wealth and keep more of it? This is the meetup for you! This F.O.R.E. we dive deep into one of the greatest ways to build huge equity in properties AND cash flow as a rental. Enrique Jevons has successfully BRRRR invested in over 100 deals from his portfolio in addition to managing over 640 rentals currently RIGHT NOW. Think you can learn something from him when it comes to cash flow and portfolio building? We have!

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

Flipping Houses with J Scott and William Barnard


WHAT!? The J Scott and William Barnard from the biggerpockets community with us at FORE?! Together they go over how to CRUSH it with Fix and Flip! How did William make $1 Million on ONE FLIP? How did they each build their businesses? Handling contractors, building systems, value add properties, and more! This meetup we dive into how two top house flippers (plus Tarl!) create and build systems for success in this incredible business.

Renton Tech College – Renton, WA

OFF MARKET Deals and Negotiations with Elliot Smith


If you could make six figures a year working less than 20 hours a week, would you? Have you ever wanted to buy properties "off-market" or learn to get a deal under contract direct with the seller? Do you have a process for this? Are you already getting deals and you want to get even better at it? Elliot Smith is back! My good friend Elliot and his wife Chrissy will be joining us Feb 21st to show you how they make a deep six figure income in real estate working less than 20 hours a week!!

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA