Past Meetups

FORE Bellevue, Steve Rozenberg & Enrique Jevons, How to Build & Scale your Portfolio!


"Are you a Badass Investor building a real estate portfolio or looking to start? How do you go from ZERO to TEN rentals? Or what about TEN to FIFTY? To ONE-HUNDRED? What about building and scaling all the way to a THOUSAND units?!?

What are the pitfalls and rewards that you must face and accept with each phase of building your portfolio?
It is an EXTREME privilege of having two iconic real estate figures presenting and sharing their experiences with building huge rental portfolios as well as managing thousands of units along the way.

Steve Rozenberg and Enrique Jevons both come from varied backgrounds in real estate. One is a full-time airline pilot that stumbled into real estate and manages thousands of units while still flying planes. And Enrique quit his hospitality industry career to start BRRRR'ing (Buy,rehab, rent, refi, repeat) properties years back and has since built a large portfolio and manages thousands of units. Both Enrique and Steve will bring a dynamic approach to helping show us how to go from 0 units to your very first and all the way to 1000+ units. "

Bellevue, WA

FORE Bellevue – 2020 Market Discussion Panel


Where is the Market Headed in 2020? Your real estate strategy going into the new year! This is the holiday party edition meetup. You don't want to miss hearing these expert panelists who are active real estate investors and are very reputable in the Pacific Northwest.

Panelists: Tucker Merrihew, J Scott, Ian Morell, James Dainard, Charles McKinney

Moderator: Tarl Yarber

Bellevue, WA

FORE Tacoma – The A.B.C’s of Seller Negotiations


"Are you a closer? Do you wish you were? Do you enjoy negotiating with sellers? Do you have room for improvement? If you want to build your wealth in real estate you must "Always Be Closing" and in order to do so, you need to learn negotiation skills and tactics. The panel of 4 savvy investors will blow your mind, they go on a deep dive into seller negotiations. If you want to step up your game, get more leads, and CLOSE amazing deals, then you want to listen to this presentation and take notes."

Panelists: Lloyd Ball, Freddie Brewster, Zach Lazo, and Michael Garry.

Moderator: Nate Robbins

Tacoma, WA

FORE Bellevue – Using Creative Real Estate Strategies


"Mike Nuss and Tyler Combs with RareBird Investments out of Portland Oregon cover so many subjects in this presentation all of which came from their real estate experience and resulted to building a massive real estate empire in Oregon. Dive into real case studies highlighting a combo-platter of strategies you can use to HACK your portfolio growth curve. Or if you want to jump-start your real estate investment empire? Or, you want to know to launch your business to the next level, adding new tools to your tool belt? And many more topics you will hear in this presentation.

Speakers: Mike Nuss & Tyler Combs

Moderator: Tarl Yarber

Bellevue, WA

FORE Tacoma, Nghi Le, True Cost of Investing in Real Estate


What would you do if you ended up paying $280,000 in financing costs on ONE project?! Would you have the strength to push forward? Or would you close up shop and move on with your life? Nghi started investing in 2014 by flipping houses in Seattle and has since transitioned to BRRRR investing out of state. Having borrowed from a couple of dozen hard money lenders and talking to a hundred more, Nghi left his full-time career in IT to help guide investors to find their best financing options and avoid the painful lessons he's experienced.

Tacoma, WA