Past Meetups

FORE TACOMA, Jennifer Beadles, 9 Steps to a 6 Figure Passive Income Portfolio!


Jennifer has sold over $150 million as an agent, and in building her cash flowing portfolio, she has mastered the art of using creative solutions and strategies to generate high returns. She's built single & multi-family projects, completed land developments, flipped homes, and used the BRRRR strategy to acquire properties and is excited to share her journey with you!Jennifer Beadles is a local leading expert in building passive income! She is an accomplished investor who has helped countless people achieve success through their rental portfolios, Jennifer Beadles will discuss her 9 steps to creating a portfolio that generates 6 figures in passive income.

Tacoma, WA

FORE Bellevue – Budgets, Schedules, Negotiations, Project Management, & More


Do you invest in Single or Multi-Family properties? Are you looking for the best contractor to work with? How do you handle budgets and schedules in today's high priced market? Negotiations, contracts, budgets, schedules, you name it, we will be covered in this awesome video.

Panelists: Megan Halter, Danielle Hingtgen, Jessica Larios, Ruth Russell

Moderator: Tarl Yarber

Bellevue, WA

FORE TACOMA, Tarl Yarber, Investing in Today’s Market & Crushing it in 2020


Do you have a plan of attack for investing in the new year? Are you worried about the Seattle/PNW Market? How are other investors adjusting their investment strategies, if at all, in this changing market? Find out here and don't let poor planning get in the way of this amazing real estate market we are in!

Tacoma, WA

FORE Bellevue, Steve Rozenberg & Enrique Jevons, How to Build & Scale your Portfolio!


"Are you a Badass Investor building a real estate portfolio or looking to start? How do you go from ZERO to TEN rentals? Or what about TEN to FIFTY? To ONE-HUNDRED? What about building and scaling all the way to a THOUSAND units?!?

What are the pitfalls and rewards that you must face and accept with each phase of building your portfolio?
It is an EXTREME privilege of having two iconic real estate figures presenting and sharing their experiences with building huge rental portfolios as well as managing thousands of units along the way.

Steve Rozenberg and Enrique Jevons both come from varied backgrounds in real estate. One is a full-time airline pilot that stumbled into real estate and manages thousands of units while still flying planes. And Enrique quit his hospitality industry career to start BRRRR'ing (Buy,rehab, rent, refi, repeat) properties years back and has since built a large portfolio and manages thousands of units. Both Enrique and Steve will bring a dynamic approach to helping show us how to go from 0 units to your very first and all the way to 1000+ units. "

Bellevue, WA

FORE Bellevue – 2020 Market Discussion Panel


Where is the Market Headed in 2020? Your real estate strategy going into the new year! This is the holiday party edition meetup. You don't want to miss hearing these expert panelists who are active real estate investors and are very reputable in the Pacific Northwest.

Panelists: Tucker Merrihew, J Scott, Ian Morell, James Dainard, Charles McKinney

Moderator: Tarl Yarber

Bellevue, WA