Past Meetups

FORE Bellevue, Tucker Merrihew, Sourcing Deals & Maximizing Returns with Redevelopment


Are you sourcing deals and having a hard time? Do you need some better tools to get that off-market deal? Are you wanting to maximize returns on every deal you find or that is brought to you? This video offers this and so much more. Tucker is one of the best off market marketers that we know in the entire US and he is also an award winning luxury home builder and redeveloper out of Portland OR. Him and his team are responsible for the Driving for Dollars app, host of the Real Dealz Podcast, creator of the Deal Finders Academy, and are the winners of the Street of Dreams luxury home builders best of in Portland OR.

Bellevue College – Bellevue, WA

FORE Tacoma, Fix & Flip Panel: Investor Strategies for Tacoma Today


Fixers and Flips Secrets and Tips - Active Tacoma Real Estate Investor panelists break down how to invest in one of the hottest markets in the entire United States....TACOMA!! In this panel, the local top fix and flip investors in the Tacoma area breaking down today's market, best practices, tips/tricks, budgets, contractors, sourcing deals, and so much more!

Panelist: Tarl Yarber, Isaac Miller, Ben Gervais.

Moderator: Gerald Hennessey.

Tacoma, WA

FORE Bellevue- Investing in Multi Family Properties Today and Best Practices


Are you building your portfolio in real estate? Do you already invest in Multi-Family or are you looking to make the jump? Whether you are already in the game, or just starting out, this F.O.R.E. presentation dives deep into the multi-family investment world! You will receive answers to many questions around Multi-Family investing, how to find better deals, maximize returns, and more importantly, avoid pitfalls.

Panelists: Peter Kim, Lloyd Ball, Augustus Bukowski and Matt Orr.

Moderator: Tarl Yarber.

Bellevue College – Bellevue, WA

Fore Tacoma, Tarl Yarber, Scaling Your Real Estate Business


Tarl Yarber specializes in single-family flipping, rentals and BRRRR strategy in the Seattle market. He is a founder of the largest real estate expos in the Pacific Northwest and very passionate about creating effective systems allowing him to manage real estate portfolio from anywhere. Tarl goes over here in dept about business scaling and systematizing in real estate. How do you build a REAL business and scale from 1 to 10 or 10 to 100?

Tacoma, WA

BRRRR Method with Enrique Jevons!


Bellevue College – Bellevue, WA