Past Meetup

Flipping Houses with J Scott and William Barnard


WHAT!? The J Scott and William Barnard from the biggerpockets community with us at FORE?! Together they go over how to CRUSH it with Fix and Flip! How did William make $1 Million on ONE FLIP? How did they each build their businesses? Handling contractors, building systems, value add properties, and more! This meetup we dive into how two top house flippers (plus Tarl!) create and build systems for success in this incredible business.

Renton Tech College – Renton, WA

OFF MARKET Deals and Negotiations with Elliot Smith


If you could make six figures a year working less than 20 hours a week, would you? Have you ever wanted to buy properties "off-market" or learn to get a deal under contract direct with the seller? Do you have a process for this? Are you already getting deals and you want to get even better at it? Elliot Smith is back! My good friend Elliot and his wife Chrissy will be joining us Feb 21st to show you how they make a deep six figure income in real estate working less than 20 hours a week!!

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

HOW TO CRUSH IT IN 2018! Investing in our Market


Are you curious about where Seattle and Tacoma stand in today's market and where we may be headed in 2018? Are you excited or worried? At this meetup, we will lay out all the facts and stats to help you make the best decision for your investing career. Do you have a plan of attack? Do you know what you are going to change or add in order to accomplish your goals for the new year? Would you hire a builder who had a "goal" to build a house for you? NO! You would run! You want a builder who has a PLAN to build a house for you.

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

Deal Show and Tell, the Good and the Bad


It’s time to play show and tell! A handful of investors share their best and worst deals! Learn how other investors think, plan, analyze, and screw up. The money that was made and/or lost. There is so much we have learned over the years in this business by watching other investors succeed and fail at their projects. It’s time that we as members of this freaking awesome group share our projects so that others can learn from your successes and mistakes!

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA

SYSTEMS for Property Rehab & Deal Analysis with Rob Knoles & Tarl Yarber


This is the area in the business that we by far get the most questions from people. No matter who you are (even us), if you are in this business, or trying to be in this business, you are struggling somewhere in your rehab/construction processes. We cover systems for sourcing, funding, negotiating, and rehabbing deals as well as internal business systems and the designing of scopes of work for your projects.

Renton Technical College – Renton, WA