– Ian Morell, Caliber Real Estate

“Wow this is a great event. I wasn’t expecting to see as many big players here as I do. Great energy. Amazing networking. Out of all the investor workshops I’ve been to, Fixated On Real Estate seems to have a great quality of investors and I’m really excited to be here.”

– Lisa, Rain City Capital

“One thing I love about Fixated is the community that it provides. I’ve learned so much with Fixated. I love the network of people. I love that you meet wholesalers and contractors–that has really helped my business– and the best part is you just get to be out in the community with people that are actually doing something.”

– Sonja Price

“I love the Fixated On Real Estate meetups because of the people that I meet here. Everyone is so generous with their wisdom and knowledge and I’m learning a ton.”

– Cole, American Cash Offer

“If you’re in real estate, around real estate, or looking to get into real estate and you’re not here with Fixated Real Estate then you’re missing out on money, on relationships, on networking. You have to get down here and come to one of their events. Come learn from the network that they’ve built and leverage them. They are doing it for your guys. It’s the place to be.”

– Jamal Chukueke, Queen Home Solutions LLC

“I’ve been coming to Fixated On Real Estate for about three months now. I love the community. I love the information. One of the events that sticks out in my mind is Tucker Merrihew from Portland. It was great to hear the information and really helped me launch my business and put it on the right track.”